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Low Risk Tennis Trading Course

Are You Tired of Losing on Betfair?

I have been trading tennis on Betfair full time since 2010
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Trading Course

30 sections and over 20,000 words that share the knowledge I gained over 15 years

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“…you have one of the best trading products on the market and you price it way too cheaply for that! “
– Graham Laurie from the CashMaster blog

Tennis Trading Course

This Course is a GAME CHANGER!

I will show YOU exactly how to make consistent profits on Betfair. It’s time to STOP LOSING!

Trading is SAFER than betting, once I have shown you how!

"It's taken some hard work and patience but with Paul's help I am now making a great second income. I really can't thank him enough for his guidance and encouragement." - Julie C.

After taking the Tennis Trading Course you will be able to:


About Paul Shires

Hi, I’m Paul Shires. I discovered Betfair trading in 2008. Like you, I was looking for ways to make some extra cash. I had never heard of trading on sports and as soon as I won my first £2 trade on a pre race horses market I knew I had to explore this more. If something sparks my interest, I tend to get obsessed with researching it. You can never stop learning.

I was working full time so the horse markets weren’t the best option. I played tennis (along with most sports) when I was younger and it seemed like the tennis markets with only 2 possible outcomes were a better option. There were also matches in the evenings.

I found ways to take profit from the tennis markets. Were they the best, most efficient ways? No. I was making it up as I went along and no one wanted to help. I’m a quick learner but when I look back on some of my early videos, I clearly had a lot of room for improvement!

Just 2 years later, I was making consistent profits and I quit my job to trade fulltime.

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TradeShark Tennis

TradeShark tennis was set up in 2009 to pass on what I was learning about trading tennis. I thought it would have a limited shelf life but as I learned more, the Tennis Trading Course grew. 15 years later, it is the most comprehensive guide to trading tennis on the Betfair Exchange.

I have a genuine passion for teaching others and seeing them become self sufficient tennis traders.
My unique style of trading is easy to learn, though it takes time and practise to become consistent. It is well worth the effort!
I have taught thousands of people how to trade tennis. Some have traded full time and many more make a second income on Betfair.

Join me today and you too can soon start to make that extra cash.

“In our opinion, there isn’t a tennis trading service out there to even come close to rivalling TradeShark Tennis.”

Low Risk Tennis Trading

What is Low Risk Tennis Trading?

Before we enter a trade, we must assess the “RISK versus REWARD”. If the risk is too high compared to the potential profit, then it is not a good entry.
There are many situations in tennis matches where the potential loss is fairly low, and the potential profit is high. These are the trading opportunities that we are looking for.
With the help of my Betfair trading course and also my one to one support you will be able to spot these opportunities quickly and place your trade.
Low risk trades do not guarantee a profit every time but in the long term the profits far outweigh the losses.

Simple, easy to use tennis trading strategies

Trading tennis doesn’t have to be complicated. I will teach you the right thing to do in many match situations. As you gain experience your decision making will become almost second nature. If you keep the strategies easy to understand then selecting your entry point becomes simpler.

The entry point is the most important part of your trade. If you get that part right, then the rest is much less stressful. Get it wrong and you leave yourself with a lot more work to do.

My popular Betfair trading course is perfect for beginners but the support you will receive will be useful to even experienced traders. I will take your tennis trading to the next level.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes practice to become consistent at anything in life. I will be with you every step of the way and I offer lifetime support with your one-time payment.

The purpose of the trading course is to help you to learn how the markets move. The best way I have found to do this is to break trading down into simple techniques. By using these techniques you will become familiar with the tennis markets and will be able to match your trading plan to the match situation.

There are also beginner strategies that are designed to get new traders involved in the markets. I also include my favourite tennis trading strategy that I use EVERY day.

"... provides a comprehensive set of materials that teach key concepts of tennis trading at a phenomenally good value price" - Paul Fryer


You will get lifetime access to the Members Area which has 30 sections and delivers 20,000 words of valuable and eye opening content that will guide you into the world of tennis trading on Betfair!

DISCOVER the SECRETS of making money on Betfair

I have taught 1000’s of people just like you how to make money on Betfair!


“More than happy to recommend the service offered by Paul. Ever helpful and offers a great service for the members, especially for the cheap lifetime membership price!”
– Steve

Get the Trading Tips emails FREE with the Trading Course for 15 days!

*The Trading Tips emails can be paused until you are ready to make use of them. Just email me after you have signed up

**Please note if you have unused emails left at the end of the season they will be carried forward to next season.

“Paul really knows his stuff – there’s no waffle or empty promises, just good direct trading advice (what do you expect from a Yorkshireman?) that you know comes from an expert, but is easy to follow.”
– Dylan Younger

Get your Low Risk Tennis Trading Course TODAY!

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Tennis Trading Course

Learn how to make money on Betfair
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“The Tradeshark trading course is fantastic value in my opinion, I wish I’d discovered it much earlier. Totally recommended”
– Laurence Coleman

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my Betfair tennis trading blog.

**If you haven’t received the email from me after purchase, please check your spam folder.

Please note, you will not be able to access the course until I know your username.
Anyone can register a username so I need to manually give the username access to the members pages where you will find the Trading Course. Please email me with your username so that I can get you set up as quickly as possible.

I will then send you instructions on how to access the content.

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