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Low Risk Tennis Trading Course
Betfair Strategies for 2024

The ULTIMATE STEP by STEP Guide to Trading Tennis with Awesome Support

You can make money on Betfair

A complete, eye opening guide to trading tennis on Betfair in 2024!

Tennis trading profits

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Trade like the experts
This course provides simple and valuable instructions with strategies based on 15 years experience.

Not many Betfair tennis trading services are still around after a decade.
This course is constantly being updated by a trader who is involved in the tennis markets every day. The last update was in December 2023

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Eye opening tennis trading course

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You Tube Live

TradeShark members now get to watch me trade matches live. I provide full commentary and insight. Every move is explained in detail. There is also an archive of previous live streams.

TradeShark is a name you can trust
Please note that TradeShark is a separate service to Tennis Profits

Have you tried trading horses or football but can’t make consistent profit?

Many new Tradeshark Tennis members come to me after trying those sports and after a couple of weeks trading tennis they wish they had tried it years ago!

Tennis is easier to learn than the pre race horse markets and is less like gambling than trading football.

Example of low risk tennis trading:

Player A starts the match priced at 1.65
She starts well and gets a break of serve. Her price drops to 1.33
She gets a second break of serve to lead 4-1. Her price drops further to 1.17

If she goes on to win the set her price would be expected to drop to around 1.14
As her price will only drop approximately 3 ticks we can place a lay at 1.17. We are risking just 3 ticks. If we exit when Player A takes the set we have a small loss.

However, Player A relaxes at 4-1. She thinks she has done enough to win the set. Player B is able to put pressure on Player A’s serve and gets one of the breaks of serve back.

We can hedge for a profit. If we remove some of our liability/risk we can hold on to see if Player B can get the second break of serve back too. If Player B gets back to 4-4 Player A’s price will be around 1.70 to 1.75.
That is a potential profit of 53 to 58 ticks.

Can you make money trading tennis?

low risk tennis trading course

Yes, you can make money trading tennis matches on Betfair. It takes practise to learn how to be consistent and take advantage of the many price moves in a match. The secret is not to get too greedy. It can also be a very enjoyable hobby! This site will show you how.

What is the most profitable tennis trading strategy?

low risk tennis trading course

Tennis trading works best when you keep things simple. Once you decide who is the most likely player to win a match, wait until they go behind in the match before backing them. Any player is capable of making a poor start to a set. This course will show you how to research which player is likely to win.

How do you trade in tennis?

low risk tennis trading course

A player’s price will move during the match, based on how they are performing. When a player wins a point, their price will drop. This happens after every point. The price will not move again until another point has been won or lost.
There are patterns in tennis matches that make it easier to predict how the price will move. By using these patterns to create low risk tennis trades, we can consistently make an overall profit in a, the players’ price move up and down. By using the many patterns in tennis matches you can predict those price changes to lock in a profit on both players.
This course will show you exactly how to do that.

What is low risk tennis trading?


Before we enter a trade, we must assess the “RISK versus REWARD”. If the risk is too high compared to the potential profit, then it is not a good entry.
There are many situations in tennis matches where the potential loss is fairly low, and the potential profit is high. These are the trading opportunities that we are looking for.
With the help of my Betfair trading course and also my one to one support you will be able to spot these opportunities quickly and place your trade.
Low risk trades do not guarantee a profit every time but in the long term the profits far outweigh the losses.

low risk tennis trading
The TradeShark Low Risk Trading Course has proved to be the most effective tennis trading course available!

I have been trading tennis since 2009 and also have a background in teaching and coaching others. I will work with you for as long as you need help and will tweak the course to suit your individual needs and experience.
The course is constantly being upgraded to make sure everything works with current market conditions.

“In our opinion, there isn’t a tennis trading service out there to even come close to rivalling TradeShark Tennis.”

TradeShark tennis trader

What is TradeShark Tennis?

TradeShark tennis was set up in 2009 to pass on what I was learning about trading tennis. I thought it would have a shelf life of 6 months but as I learned more, the Tennis Trading Course grew. Well over a decade later, it is the most comprehensive guide to trading tennis on the Betfair Exchange.
I have a genuine passion for teaching others and seeing them become self sufficient tennis traders. Members get as much help and advice as they need for as long as they need it.
My unique style of trading is easy to learn, though it takes time and practise to become consistent. It is well worth the effort!
I have taught thousands of people how to trade tennis. Some have traded full time and many more make a second income on Betfair.
Join me today and you too can soon start to make that extra cash.

Paul Shires (A.K.A. TradeShark)

Why is this tennis trading course perfect for you?

You’re here because you are interested in learning how to make money trading tennis matches on Betfair. I created this course after I learned the basics by trial and error back in 2008. I was frustrated that there was no one prepared to help me with even the most simple information. The first version of the course showed people what I had learned in the previous 6 months.

As I learned more, I added it to the course. Over a decade later, I am trading tennis full time and the course has grown as my knowledge and experience has grown. I am constantly trying to improve what I do, and as I work out something new, it gets added to the content.

Everything you need!

The trading course has all the information that you need to get started as a new tennis trader. For a lot of people, the course is enough on its own. However, you are not left to work things out for yourself. If you have questions, no matter how simple you might think they sound, I am here to help. I have taught thousands of people how to make consistent profits on Betfair. I have a background in training and coaching others so I am very qualified to pass on my knowledge and to help you to be successful.

How much work is involved?

I can pass on my knowledge to you which will dramatically speed up your learning process. However, you will need to practise, practise, practise to become consistent. As you start to recognise the patterns in tennis matches that I will have shown you, you will learn how to take regular, small profits from the tennis market on Betfair. After that, you will slowly increase the stake size. It really doesn’t feel like work as once you start to see what is possible, it becomes a really enjoyable hobby!

low risk Betfair Tennis Trading

A VERY new addition – Live Streamed Trades

Most trading services will have videos showing how to make money on Betfair.
How many of them allow you to watch a match being traded LIVE with full commentary explaining every move being made?
If you’re not available to watch the stream live, recordings will be available to view later.

I will share with you the methods that I have used successfully for many years to make a regular income online. It can also be a very enjoyable hobby.

This Betfair trading course will show you in detail how to make money on the Betfair tennis markets. It is a complete and comprehensive course with the best proven low risk tennis trading strategies to take you from total beginner to confident tennis trader.

Why choose tennis trading?

Tennis is perhaps not the most popular of sports for people to play. It seems that most people in the UK think that the only tennis tournament each year is Wimbledon. In fact the tennis season lasts from the start of January until the end of November so it is one of the longest seasons in sport. Also, the liquidity in the tennis markets is excellent.

In terms of sports betting or trading on the Betfair Exchange tennis is one of the MOST popular sports. Why would that be the case? Tennis has a unique scoring format which means that a tennis match can turn around in just a couple of games. This means that the price moves on Betfair can be huge. You also don’t get the market suspensions that you see in football markets.

When you become familiar with how the tennis markets react to what’s happening on court you will start to see opportunities for predicting price moves.

Alternatively I could just show you how to do it!

The price on a player will change during the match. If they win the next point their price will get lower. If they break their opponent’s serve then their price will drop a lot further. If they are not performing so well then their price will get higher. If their own serve gets broken then their price gets a lot higher.

These price changes happen after every point of a tennis match until the end of the match when the winner will reach 1.01 and the losing player’s price will be 1000.

By placing back and lay bets at different prices during the match we can lock in a profit on BOTH players. If we achieve this, we will make money on the match. It doesn’t matter who wins.

My tennis trading course will teach you how to do this so you can make consistent daily profits.

Other benefits of tennis trading:
The season lasts for 11 months of the year
Excellent liquidity for main tour matches and also Challengers

“Well, when we talk about tennis trading we don’t have any other serious options other than Paul from I have known Paul for a few years now and I have two words for him : serious and respectful. Anyone trying to start tennis trading would be wise investing a small amount to be a member on his site.” – Marius, Romania

Simple, easy to use tennis trading strategies

Trading tennis doesn’t have to be complicated. I will teach you the right thing to do in many match situations. As you gain experience your decision making will become almost second nature. If you keep the strategies easy to understand then selecting your entry point becomes simpler.

The entry point is the most important part of your trade. If you get that part right, then the rest is much less stressful. Get it wrong and you leave yourself with a lot more work to do.

I will teach you what I have learned since 2008. You will find out exactly how to consistently make a profit from trading on tennis matches. I have been helping people to make money with simple, proven strategies since 2009.

My popular Betfair trading course is perfect for beginners but the support you will receive will be useful to even experienced traders. I will take your tennis trading to the next level.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes practice to become consistent at anything in life. I will be with you every step of the way and I offer lifetime support with your one-time payment.

The purpose of the trading course is to help you to learn how the markets move. The best way I have found to do this is to break trading down into simple techniques. By using these techniques you will become familiar with the tennis markets and will be able to match your trading plan to the match situation.

There are also beginner strategies that are designed to get new traders involved in the markets. I also include my favourite tennis trading strategy that I use EVERY day.

Tradeshark and his instructions were my starting steps into the world of tennis trading. There was not a question I could not ask him and not one of them was left unanswered. I will always be grateful for his patience and advice. He showed me what tennis trading was really all about. The experience and knowledge I acquired during long sessions in his chatroom are unparalleled! – Marko Bukovnik

low risk tennis trading on betfair
Tennis trading on Betfair can provide a useful second income

… provides a comprehensive set of materials that teach key concepts of tennis trading at a phenomenally good value price – Paul Fryer

How do you trade tennis?

There are several ways to trade on tennis. Some of the more popular methods are:

Swing Trading

This method is my personal favourite. Knowledge of the players helps with this but knowing when a player is at a “value” price is the real key to this trading strategy. Don’t worry, that is all explained in the trading course! For swing trades on tennis matches we stay in the market for much longer than for scalping and we might be in the market for a few games, a set or even longer.


When we scalp on tennis markets we are making short term trades. We might only be in the market for 3 or 4 points or we might stay in for a game or two. If you have the right strategy this can be a safer method of trading tennis as you are not going to get caught out by a huge price move against you.

Patterns in tennis matches

Tennis matches are full of patterns. When you know what these patterns are you start to see them for yourself. This makes entering a trade easier and some of the patterns and some of them become automatic entry points. By that I mean that when you see the pattern there is nothing to think about. It’s a “no brainer” trade.

“More than happy to recommend the service offered by Paul. Ever helpful and offers a great service for the members, especially for the cheap lifetime membership price!” – Steve

Betfair trading software. Do I need it?

Many people trade tennis using just the Betfair website. However, using trading software makes things easier.
Any of the software options that have a ladder interface are fine for tennis. You don’t need most of the tools that they all have. Just a simple ladder interface.
My own favourite is The Geeks Toy but BetJet Pro, Fairbot and Bet Angel will do the job well. They all offer free trials and also a practise mode that lets you trade the markets without using real money.
Image showing trading profit for a womens match
Hedge your trade evenly so we don’t care who wins

“Paul really knows his stuff – there’s no waffle or empty promises, just good direct trading advice (what do you expect from a Yorkshireman?) that you know comes from an expert, but is easy to follow.” – Dylan Younger

I also have a daily Betfair Trading Tips email service. I’ll send you my own trading notes which include information, stats and advice on all the day’s matches. Subscribers get emails 7 days a week.

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What happens after I buy the course?

You should be sent to a “Thank you page”. In case you are not forwarded there I will also send you an email. The content of both the Thank you page and the email basically asks you to register a username at
my Betfair tennis trading blog
Please note, you will not be able to access the course until I know your username.
Anyone can register a username so I need to manually give the username access to the members pages where you will find the Trading Course. Please email me with your username so that I can get you set up as quickly as possible.
I will then send you instructions on how to access the content.

Tennis trading is about common sense and hard work. I work with you for as long as you need me. This will really develop your trading. There is also a Telegram chatroom which many people find useful as we have a good mix of new guys (and a few new gals!) and experienced traders. It is a very friendly group who all try to help each other with tips and ideas.

Contact me

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Ask me anything!

Please note that there is NO trading strategies pdf or TradeShark tennis trading course pdf. The tennis trading course is delivered as a website as I am constantly updating the content. I want to make sure that members are using the most up to date version.