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My award winning Betfair Tennis Trading Guide will take you from being a beginner to being able to make regular profit from the Betfair tennis markets.


"The website has loads of strategies and videos. A great introduction to tennis trading. Paul is always ready to answer queries or questions and give advice. Customer service excellent." - Clive Holland


Tennis is one of the top sports to trade on Betfair. Trading is safer than straight betting as tennis matches can turn around very quickly.


That fact also helps us to make a profit on price movements and lock in a position where we make money regardless of who wins the match.


I have been trading the tennis markets on Betfair since 2008 and have done it fulltime since 2010. Since 2009 I have been helping others to do the same.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme. It takes practice to become consistent at anything in life. I will be with you every step of the way and offer lifetime support with your one time payment. You also get lifetime updates of the Trading Guide.


" have one of the best trading products on the market and you price it way too cheaply for that! " - Graham Laurie from the Cashmaster blog


I made a promise in 2009 when I launched the Betfair Tennis Trading Guide that I would never increase the price. To date I have stuck to that promise. It is available at a crazy price.

My background is heavy with training and coaching experience so I am easily able to pass on my skills and methods.


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"Thanks for putting together such an awesome product. I had no trading experience prior to purchasing the course and now I am making an average of £500 per month and loving it. I would highly recommend this course." - Luke Paull


One time payment

Full time trader as your mentor for life

Strategies with demo videos

Learn at your own pace

Common sense approach

Info on top 100 players and charactaristics


***The purpose of the Betfair Tennis Trading Guide is to help you to learn how the markets move. The best way I have found to do this is to break trading down into simple strategies. By using these strategies you wil become familiar with the tennis markets and be able to match your trading plan to the match situation***


"More than happy to recommend the service offered by Paul. Ever helpful and offers a great service for the members, especially for the cheap lifetime membership price!" - Steve


“Paul really knows his stuff - there’s no waffle or empty promises, just good direct trading advice (what do you expect from a Yorkshireman?) that you know comes from an expert, but is easy to follow." - Dylan Younger

The Betfair Tennis Trading Guide contains strategies that a beginner can use to help gain confidence. I also include the trading strategy that I use the most EVERY DAY.

I also have a daily Trading Advice email service and when you buy the Betfair Tennis Trading Guide you get these emails FREE for 10 days.











If you want a service that takes you through those tough early learning months and doesn't think that any of your questions are stupid ones then this is where you need to be!

I don't just sell you a Trading Guide and I won't try to "blind you with science". Other services will try to trick you with fancy words and "magical" statistics.

Trading tennis is about common sense and hard work. I work with you for as long as you need to develop your trading. There is also a Skype chatroom which many people find useful as we have a good mix of new guys (and a few new gals!) and experienced traders. It is a very friendly group who all try to help each other with tips and ideas.

If you have any questions please email me at