What is Betfair Tennis Trading?

Betfair is a betting exchange. A betting exchange is where traders can place bets against other traders. It is not a traditional bookmaker.
On a betting exchange traders can bet on a player winning. They can also bet against the player winning. This is called a lay bet.
Each player has a price that moves up or down depending on what is happening in the match. This is similar to the stock exchange except that rather than the price changing in response to hundreds of different world events the exchange price moves simply in response to what is happening on court.
By anticipating how the match will progress and therefore how the price will move it is possible to place bets at different prices that result in the trader having profit on both players. A common aim is to have no potential loss regardless of the outcome of the match.
Often the trader will leave themselves with a “free bet” which means they win or lose nothing if one player wins and make a profit if the other player wins.
The main difference between trading and betting is that in betting you make your selection of which player you think will win and leave the bet to run until the match is over. In trading we can change or manage our trades during the match.
Once the trader is experienced in managing trades during the match, trading is much less risky than traditional straight betting. .

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Why Choose Tennis for Trading on Betfair?

When you first find Betfair and the idea of trading the first thing everyone does is to research which sports are best to trade, right? Of course not! People start off trying to trade on sports they know something about. That is why football is the biggest sport that is bet on or traded on Betfair. Football offers a great variety of markets and anyone with an interest in the sport is likely to find a market they feel comfortable with whether it is match odds, over 2.5 goals or any of the many other options.
When I started on Betfair it was an article by Adam Todd who created Racing Traders that caught my interest and he was trading the horses pre race so that is what I started with. The markets on a weekend were not quite as liquid as during the week so I looked around for other options. Lay the draw on football matches was something that seemed popular but after a short time it was clear that it was all about match selection. I also didn’t like the fact that the market suspended for significant events during the match.
I was interested in the possibilities that trading offered but I wanted something that I could have a little more control over. I felt that football was more like gambling for me. I enjoyed playing most sports but tennis was always a favourite.
Having checked out the Betfair markets there seemed to be tennis matches on every day. There was plenty of money in the tennis markets compared to most other sports so this was the sport I started to research.
Tennis seemed much more manageable. There were a lot more significant events in a tennis match compared to football and no irritating market suspensions.

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How do you make money trading tennis on Betfair?

We make money by either backing a player at a high price and laying them when their price moves lower or by laying a player at a low price and backing them when their price moves higher.
With experience we can have a profit on both players so we don’t care who wins!

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Do I need trading software such as the Geeks Toy, Bet Angel or Fairbot?

If you had asked me a couple of years ago I would have said that software was essential. As Betfair have improved their website then it is possible to use it to trade. However it has to be said that trading software makes things a LOT easier. You don’t have to pay a lot as tennis trading only requires basic features.

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Do I need to spend hours in front of the computer?

Tennis matches can be long. Some traders are obsessed with the idea that they have to trade the whole match. That just isn’t the case. I will often be involved in a match for just a few games. I will have profit on both players so I don’t care who wins.

Is the Trading Course available in pdf format?

The Course comes as a password protected website. I do it this way as I am constantly updating the guide and I want to make sure you are using the most up to date version.

Researching tennis matches looks complicated. Do I get help with that?

I put a lot of work into researching the matches before I trade them. Once you have a method of researching them it doesn’t take long. I can help you with this. If you struggle with the research I also have a Trading Tips email service. I research all the day’s matches and email my trading notes to you each day.

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Do I need a large trading bank?

While you are learning the system I recommend using very small stakes so you do not need a large bank. You can start with £100.

If I have a bank of £2000 how much can I earn from tennis trading?

This is a very common question. Your ability to profit from the tennis markets is not decided by how much money you have. It depends on how consistently you can use the strategies in the Trading Guide. Initially you should concentrate on achieving that consistency with small stakes. You WILL make mistakes so I makes sense not to let them cost much. Putting the work in with small stakes will help you once you start to SLOWLY increase stake size.
Once you have put the work in to build consistency there is a lot of money to be made. The tennis season runs from January to the end of November so there are plenty of matches during the season and there will be anything from 1 to 5 main tour tournaments on per week.

Who Can Learn to Trade Tennis?

Some people will try to tell you that tennis trading is difficult. In reality it is as difficult as you choose to make it.
Almost anyone can learn to trade tennis on Betfair. In an ideal world you need someone who can trade well and who is also an experienced trainer. That’s where I come in! I understand how people learn and have 30 years of experience of training and coaching people.
If you can follow simple rules and are prepared to put the effort in to learn then I can make you a profitable tennis trader.
If you have been a gambler for a number of years then it may take you some time to change old habits but I will be with you every step of the way.
You will need a basic knowledge of the rules of tennis and especially how the scoring system works but if you are totally new to tennis then I can help you with that too!

Can you really make money trading?

Yes, you can make money trading tennis matches on Betfair. It takes practise to learn how to be consistent and take advantage of the many price moves in a match. The secret is not to get too greedy. It can also be a very enjoyable hobby! This site will show you how.

What is the most profitable strategy?

Tennis trading works best when you keep things simple. Once you decide who is the most likely player to win a match, wait until they go behind in the match before backing them. Any player is capable of making a poor start to a set. This course will show you how to research which player is likely to win.

How do you trade a tennis match?

A player’s price will move during the match, based on how they are performing. When a player wins a point, their price will drop. This happens after every point. The price will not move again until another point has been won or lost.
There are patterns in tennis matches that make it easier to predict how the price will move. By using these patterns to create low risk tennis trades, we can consistently make an overall profit in a match.es, the players’ price move up and down. By using the many patterns in tennis matches you can predict those price changes to lock in a profit on both players.
This course will show you exactly how to do that.

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